Throughout the summer of 2015, Plug In ICA in Winnipeg, Canada presents Nature Falls, a serial exhibition of digital works by Nicolas Sassoon curated by Jenifer Papararo. The exhibition is a selection of Sassoon’s work that represents the natural environment from the landscape to meteorological occurrences. The artist often uses nature as his subject matter, capturing the movement of the ocean as it hits the shore or the rain falling on a window, through a layering of distinct pixelated colours. Each saturated square retains its individual shape but it is amassed to create a graphic digital pattern that replicates the movement of organic forms. Just as the flow of a waterfall can mesmerize, Sassoon’s animations form hypnotic fields. Through the window, and in Sassoon’s case, the computer screen, he sets himself and the viewer outside into a plane of movement and colour.  

In response to Sassoon’s exhibition, five artists and writers, Alex Snukal, Alex Quicho, Tiziana La Melia, Jinhan Ko and Andrew Berardini, were invited to respond individually to one of the five animations in the exhibition. The responses, which are intended to be immediate and somewhat poetic, will take a variety of forms from textual narratives or critical readings to sound works, drawing, photograph, etc… with the stipulation that they be presented online. The responses are framed together with the exhibition accumulating over the summer months.



July 14 2015

WINDOW #1 by Alex Snukal

in response to OUT MY WINDOW #1



July 31 2015

SUNNY LANDS by Alex Quicho

in response to SUNNY LANDS



August 14 2015


in response to RED SEA



September 14 2015

I lost my body at Plan D'eau by Tiziana La Melia

in response to GREEN WAVES #6



September 30 2015

LIQUID GOLD by Andrew Berardini

in response to LIQUID GOLD